Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Does Gamal Mubarak Want?

It seems that the chapter of inheriting the presidency will not be closed in the Arab World as many rumors stated that Gamal Mubarak, the son of Egypt's president's Hosni Mubarak, is willing to submit his candidacy to the presidential election of 2011. Gamal Mubarak and his father have been denying the succession scenario but Gamal is doing his best to boost his credentials as the best successor for Mubarak. He is currently the General Secretary of the Policy Committee which is the third most powerful position in the party and the starting point for most of the government’s actions. In addition, he has embarked in an Obama-style strategy to gather supporters; he previously made an open debate on Facebook and he constantly polishes his image. Gamal Mubarak is a handsome, intelligent and well-educated young man with an experience in politics and business. What do you want more? Are all those qualities and expertise not enough?! It seems that he is the perfect fit for the position but its genealogy that may prevent him. He is the son of Hosni Mubarak. Many factions in the Egyptian opposition categorically disagree with the attempts of the succession as they do not want to be ruled by another Mubarak. Gamal Mubarak is taking regular and consistent steps to become the de-facto president of Egypt and if he fails in his quest, then he will become a kingmaker or an indispensable figure in the Egyptian politics for the years to come. It's wise to recall the citation that says don't look at someone's words but look at his deeds.

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