Friday, April 30, 2010

What Do the Kurds Want?

The Kurdish people have one aim which is to have an independent state for the Kurds but the Arab world will not lose much things if the Kurdish dreams of full autonomy come true. When we look at the map of the Arab world and the areas of the Kurdish existence, we will realize that the Kurds live in peripheral lands. This very geographical fact will lessen the Arabs' anxiety of a possible Kurdish secession. If the Kurdish people dwell in the heartlands, then the atomization of the Arabic lands will start. It's no secret that the Kurds want their history-long dream of an independent state to materialize but the overwhelming Arab people categorically disagree with this idea. Turkey is the most outspoken opponent of the Kurdish independence. One day those ambitions may come true but in the forseeable future it is very unlikely for a bold step from the Kurds to happen. Kurdistan and not only Iraq's Kurdistan is the ultimate goal for the local Kurds or those living in the diaspora. We are talking today of the Kurdish cause. The Arab countries didn't deal with the Kurds in an intelligent manner. They should have integrated them in all aspects of life in order for them not to feel alienated and marginalized. Let's learn from the Thai government's handling of the attempts of the Pattani Province's secession. It has integrated them and appointed a Muslim man belonging to the rebellious area the speaker of the parliament. Today, it's the age of citizenship. Look at the New World, it's a mosaic of ethnicities living in cohabitation and not necessarily harmony. Time has come for the Old World to learn from the New World.

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