Monday, November 7, 2011

Pornography and the Distortion of Beauty

Pornography has swept the world; you find it almost everywhere whether explicitly or not. Thousands of Internet websites are attracting audiences from all walks of life although the habit of watching blue-content DVDs has been crumbling. The success of of the pornography industry may be due to the power of its mission: To satisfy our sexual instinct. Pornography is teaching whole generations pervert and bizarre sexual techniques that we assume our partners will automatically accept and even embrace. More importantly, pornography is distorting our taste of beauty.

Pornography is emphasizing the extremes. Internet websites that broadcast adult content focus on the superlatives; the biggest, the tallest, the tiniest, etc. It's distorting the way we appreciate the beautuful things. Fit women are considered slim and unfit for sex. Fat women are, according to them, super sexy and are able to give more pleasure. This is at odds with the rules of human biology. It is also emphasizing the freak. Ugly men and women are portrayed as unique and different. Our taste is perverted.

Big can be beautiful but it's not the only beautiful. Many organizations are compaigning for size awareness and for the cause of obese women but their work is hindered by these pornographic sites which instill in the viewer's mind the isea that big size is related to pleasure and sexual fulfilment. They are also discriminating against the slim ones. They also don't show respect for their models who are treated as beasts and tools of pleasure. A new norm of beauty is being established by the adult-content websites and is witnessing a widespread in the mainstream media and in society as a whole.

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