Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Roadmap for Mohamed Hechmi Hamdi

Tunisian aspiring politician Mohamed Hechmi Hamdi can make more success by choosing winning strategies rather than begging electors for votes.
Hechmi Hamdi "killed" his dreams by announcing that he would become the next president of Tunisia. Judit Giuliani, the wife of the former mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani, was asked in The View whether her husband wants to become a candidate for the 2008 Presidential Elections and she replied no. Shortly later, we found him running for the Republican Primary Elections. Hamdi shouldn't reveal his ambitions in such a clear way thus, jeopardizing his plans and giving his opponents the opportunity to short-circuit his career. Moreover, Hamdi should found a political party thus, institutionalizing his political activism. He was envied by the other political parties, both winners and losers in the elections, because the Popular Petition that he found was an independent list and not a political party. The second reason for the media lynching of Hamdi is that he hasn't come to Tunisia. He was masterminding from the outer seas.

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